Blood-sucking Fiend – Christopher Moore

Fluff from the library. Mousy woman with relationship issues gets turned into a vampire and finds a wannabe author to be her Renfrew. Full of lots of chapters full of characters that don’t do anything for the plot and lots of one-dimensional “wacky” folks like the Emperor of San Francisco (who I believe was a real person). She tries to only kill people that are dying of AIDS – seems weird for a book written in 2000-something. There is some sort of vampire who murdered her and is trying to kill her. I keep hoping that he WILL for most of the book. Chapter titles were tongue-in-cheek references to pop culture vampire books.



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3 responses to “Blood-sucking Fiend – Christopher Moore

  1. I enjoyed Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Jesus’s Childhood Friend although it wasn’t the amazing-ness everyone claimed it was. It also did not really motivate me to read more Christopher Moore, despite Jen’s insistence. Now I think I definitely won’t.

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  3. Keren

    I’ve read all of Chris Moore’s stuff and the vampire one was definitely my least favorite. I have a couple if you’d like to experiment with more…

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