Breaking Dawn – Stephenie Meyer

This is the latest in the vampire series that is soon to be a movie (which kinda sounds awful.) I honestly don’t know how these books got to be so popular as opposed to other vampire YA, but I do like them a lot. Well, I liked the first one, and then it kind of went downhill, but I still liked them.

This one was really weird. It’s hard for this not to be spoilers so um – if you really care, don’t read this.

So, they get married. At 18 (and ya know, like 307.) It kind of makes sense given the storyline, but it still feels creepy. I don’t care how much you “know” or eternal love or whatever – married at 18 is creepy. Also, when I was 18, sex didn’t feel creepy or inappropriate, but reading about an 18 year old’s honeymoon night and subsequent torrid love affair, even when done “tastefully” is just … wrong.

Then, she gets knocked up. And then of course – the baby is killing her from the inside. And the baby daddy pressures her to kill it. And then they don’t. And then, even while she is hard to raise, she becomes the most specialist baby in the whole wide world. Oh, and then there is this whole “I swear, even though this is an infant and I am in love with her and will marry her one day, its not pedophilia” love thing with a werewolf. Everyone is happy. The end.

The whole thing just felt like a really creepy pro-life gothic romance. And it was even weirder when I learned that Meyer is a devoted Mormon (explaining maybe the whole baby-romance?)

I don’t know. It was big. I read it in one night, but more because I just wanted to get to the end than I did because I was entranced. I think I am just way, way over the idea that the guy you meet in high school is the guy you should have babies with and settle down with for all eternity.



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2 responses to “Breaking Dawn – Stephenie Meyer

  1. hi
    edward isn’t 307….he’s only just past his first century…also the jacob imprinting thing isn’t odd when you consider the rest of the story and the way imprint was explained when one of the othger guys imprinted on a kid, it’s a bond nothing sexual about it until everyone is all grown up…..perhaps you should reread the series to clear up some of the issues you have with it…..i agree it is weird enjoying a series aimed at teens, but it is an enjoyable read :p

  2. palenerd

    I understand that there is nothing sexual about it, but given the recent scandal with child brides in the Mormon religion, I found this somewhat amusing. I “understand” imprinting, but I still think its odd. I love YA – nothing odd about that, or any apologies on my end.

    And, my deepest apologies to the miscalculation of Edward’s age. It is MUCH less weird that he is only a 100 years old.

    (I really hope this doesn’t become a lightning rod for crazy Twillight fans.)

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