Blog Experiment Wrap-Up

I started this blog in May 2008 to answer the questions  “How many books do you read” and “What kind?” Every book, for a year, I faithfully blogged. Some reviews were shorter than others, some a little more in depth – but each one, dutifully recorded. And now, for the nerds among you (I mean, if you aren’t a nerd – why are you reading a blog about the books I read?) – some stats.

  • I read 117 books (well, 113 – I abandoned 4 of them along the way)
  • That’s about a book every 3 days
  • Out of the 64 fiction books, 57 of them were novels
  • 30 of them considered “YA” or “Young Adult”
  • 16 were considered “historical fiction
  • 14 books were considered “paranormal” which could be anything from fairies to werewolves (4 were about vampires)
  • I read 9 books about “mental illness” (both fiction and non)
  • Out of the 53 non-fiction books, 26 were considered memoirs
  • The all-purpose “business” tag was on 14 non-fiction books (These were probably books on marketing, customer service and included 2 books about Starbucks)
  • I read 10 books that I considered to have something to do with politics (this included anything from Obama to food, and the environment – sometimes books about vampires written by Mormons were considered political)
  • I read 5 books referencing weight loss (no stats on how much weight was lost as a result)
  • I read 3 books about polygamy
  • The month where the most books were read: August 2008 (14 books)
  • I only read 5 books in March 2009

Thanks for stopping by. I may update on occasion, but will continue updating the internet about what I read on GoodReads. I regularly blog here – so please subscribe/read me there, and I promise that if an awesome book strikes my fancy, to tell you all about it.


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