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Darkly Dreaming Dexter – Jeff Lindsay

This is the novel that the Showtime TV show “Dexter” is based on. I always love when I get to read both the book and see the movie/TV show because when done well, both mediums are pretty awesome. With a movie, I can see someone else’s vision of what something should or could look like. Sometimes it’s a disappointment, and sometimes it’s more awesome than my imagination could comprehend (LoTR). I really liked watching the whole TV series (so far) and then reading the book, because the TV show is awesome, but with the book, I can get some of the prose and inner dialogue that would make a TV show dull.

What’s so cool about this book? AlmostĀ  until the very last chapter, the book is a true-to-the-show mirror. And the writing is gorgeous. It’s very difficult (I imagine) to write about the mentally ill. I have read a lot of books about serial killers (gothy teen, remember?) and it either comes across as super technical or woo-woo-stream of consciousness stuff. Lindsay does a great job with these appropriately placed, euphonic, alliterative phrases along with decent dialogue and great direction.

So, I loved it because I could replay the TV scenes in my head, and overlay it with what I was reading (does that even make sense?) but I also loved it because the last chapter or so is such a drastic departure from the show that I am looking forward to read his next book (I think there are 2 or 3) to see where this “alternative, though original” storyline will go. I want to puzzle out why the TV folks went in a direction. It’s kind of like really well written fan fic.


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Unwind – Neal Shusterman

Wow – what a great book. The premise? Sometime in the near future of America. We have had another Civil War, this time over abortion. The deal that both sides struck is that while life begins at conception, parents could choose to retroactively abort a child from the ages of 13-18 by “unwinding” them. This means that they give them to the state to carve up and use as a donor – all body parts must be used – this way the person continues “living” in other people. Really freaky stuff. Of course, a few wild kids escape, find an Underground Railroad and try to stay alive.

It’s dystopian, its YA, it’s thought-provoking and its well-written. What else can you ask for?

(The other novel that I read of his – “Neverlost” was also excellent, but the end kind of petered out for me. I look forward to reading other stuff of his. His website – http://www.storyman.com/)

Update: Just found a NY Time review that speaks to the book more eloquently that I eked out. Link here!

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World War Z – Max Brooks

All I heard about this book was that it was funny. Reluctantly, I picked it up. I think I kind of knew it was about zombies, but all I really heard was “funny.” I should note here that I am really, really scared of zombies. And funny?! It’s Mel Brooks’ son! I heard funny, I expected funny – not gruesome depictions of zombies walking the oceans, undead.

I read it on the way home (from our amazing victory at kickball!) from the city, on the subway at 1am. I didn’t really read – more like glanced. And then I stopped. i was scared and jumpy and eyeing the possibly zombie-infected homeless man in the car with me.

I made Frank stay on the phone with me the whole walk home. I will not be finishing this book. A magazine will have to do it for me tomorrow. Thank god Saturday is library day.


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