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The Starbucks Experience – Joseph Michelli

5 Principles for Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary

Eh. I think I have had it with these kinds of books. Another book talking about how awesome the customer service at Starbucks is. Tell me something I haven’t heard. This may have been better if it was just a stapled, bullet pointed list of awesome customer service stories. Instead it was dressed up in lots of registered trademark Frappuccinos and written by a guy who appears to be pitching himself as a PR rep. Just kind of nothing new, and not worth it.



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Setting the Table – Danny Meyer

I am so annoyed because after reading this book, I wrote this whole long email to Danny Meyer and when I went to go cut and paste it into this post, it’s not in my sentbox. I think Gmail lost it! I am too drained to write it again, but the bottom line is this: Great book! It was foods, it was entrepreneurship, it was management styles and it was about hospitality. There were a few lines and passages that I really liked and wanted to make copies for my team about. I really love the whole hospitality industry, but can’t imagine being on the front lines (how can I afford to work as a concierge or waitress again?!) but I do love the “big idea” thinking behind it. Anyway, I always wanted to eat at any of his restaurants, but now I am especially inspired.

The other reason I wanted to write to him? When I went to check the copyright date on this book about hospitality – I noticed that my library copy was a signed one! Talk about the personal touch 🙂


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