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Devilish – Maureen Johnson

Okay, I love Maureen Johnson. Not only have I met her in real life (NAME DROP! she is friends with a friend – who this book is actually dedicated to!) but I just think she is a really fun YA writer.

Maureen describes Devilish:

At St. Teresa’s Preparatory School for Girls in Providence, Rhode Island, rebellious senior class genius Jane Jarvis is worried about her best friend Allison Concord. Ally is lovable, but a little clueless, and badly in need of Jane’s help. She needs to get a freshman “sister” at the school’s annual Big-Little celebration. When Ally blows it (rather literally), Jane knows that they are in for a rough few weeks.

She has no idea just how rough they will be.

Strange things start happening in Providence. Hail storms rip into the city. A strangely polite gourmet in a silver roadster turns up every time Jane turns around. A freshman guy from neighboring St. Sebastian’s starts to stalk her. A lanky, cupcake-loving sophomore transfer steps into their lives to save the day . . .

Then Ally begins to change. She looses the awkwardness that Jane has always known and loved and becomes the model of cool. Things don’t go as well for Jane, and she soon winds up facing the threat of expulsion and ruin.

But these are only the beginnings of much bigger problems. Jane’s life is about to get much worse. Ally claims that she sold her soul, and Jane throws herself on the line to get it back. But this battle is big. A crowd of strangers is about to descend on Providence, and they’re not there to go on a campus tour of Brown.

It’s Jane versus the demons, and nothing is what it seems. There will be perfume bottles, dogs, explosions, dancing, death, badly misused textbooks, ex-boyfriends, very long falls, unusual weaponry, and lots of sugary snacks before it’s all over.

Hey, you do what you have to do. Everyone knows high school is hell.

Not really sure what else to say. I love YA, sassy, brilliant heroines and “Glory” style demons (c’mon, you have to watch Buffy, right?). It was cute, it was well-written and it made me laugh and want a cupcake. Then again, most things make me want a cupcake.

The cutest part, was that this was a library book, and some kid wrote on the cover page “Maureen Roxs! Get her other books!” and (s)he listed them all out. It was cute! Note: Vandalizing library books = not cool.


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The Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death – Laurie Notaro

Not sure if I have written about her here yet (I don’t think I have)  but I love Laurie Notaro. She is what I consider to be an essayist, and without fail – her books (I think they are referred to as the “Idiot Girl” series) never fail to make me actually laugh out loud. I think she is just remarkably likable and a really talented writer. If I laugh out loud and someone asks me what about, it just doesn’t translate when you read it out loud – but man, I really like her. She recently wrote a novel that I wasn’t too into, but this is another collection of essays (I guess you can kind of call it a memoir?) and I enjoyed them. I think and fear that she may be running out of steam or source material, so I hope she gets it together soon – because I look forward to a lot more from her.

This is just the newest one. Not my favorite, but I definitely still enjoyed it. There was one portion about the death of her dog, which I think is the first time she has written anything truly sad. It was really a peak into what a great writer she is, and it definitely brought a non-laughter tear to my eye. Definitely check her out!

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Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress – Susan Jane Gilman

Sorry for the backlog! I was in Florida all weekend and my posting got sidetracked. I also ended up reading a bunch of books during my 6 hour airport delay, and posting them just felt very chore-ish. I am back now!

So, this book was recommended to me a million times on Amazon.com and I saw it in the B&N clearance rack the other day. Funny essays? Recommended by Laurie Notaro? Hypocritical feelings about weddings? Sounds right up my alley! Except – it wasn’t.

It’s weird. What I expected was a bunch of funny stories about a girl who was like me (but could write well.) What I got was a bunch of essay that was essentially a memoir about growing up with hippie parents. It wasn’t that it wasn’t funny or well-written it was just … a memoir about a somewhat unremarkable girl. I am not unhappy I was stuck with it at the airport, but it just didn’t live up to my expectations.

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Such a Pretty Fat – Jen Lancaster

I had been meaning to read this memoir for awhile, because I love the author’s blog but the Queens Library didn’t have anything by her (she has already written 2 or 3 other books.) I had a gift certificate to half.com, so this is what came of it.

The premise is that a woman with high self esteem who generally likes her body decides to lose weight because of a doctor’s orders. It’s her struggle to lose weight, even though she didn’t really want to. It’s a little irritating to read these kinds of stories and find them personally inspirational because a ) I don’t have the money to sit at home and if I lost weight it would have to fit into my lifestyle b) I don’t have the money for a personal trainer and c ) no one is paying me to lose weight. It also kind of bothered me that it was kind of hyped that she had to lose weight because of her doctor’s “death sentence” but it really just sounded like her doctor was all “Hey fatso, lose weight or you are going to be in trouble.” The same thing the rest of us tubbos hear. BUT – I did like the book. Anyone who makes fun of Weight Watchers is okay in my book, and she really is hysterical.

I am not really motivated to read her other books (read: pay for them) but I will keep my eyes open anyway.

P.S. Despite reading her book and feeling motivated to go to the gym, I went to a bridal shower and pigged out like I haven’t in months. Maybe I should stay away from would-be motivational books.

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