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The Bermudez Triangle – Maureen Johnson

Who doesn’t love Herzy’s famous author friend, Maureen Johnson? I think what I like best about her books is that they are all good (am I a lit crit genius, or what?) but they don’t have really any super discernable formula feel. I picked this one up without even reading the back cover because – Maureen Johnson. I have been a little tired of YA lately, but I couldn’t resist just another bite.

I am glad I did. This book is the story of three friends (really nicely told through each perspective). Two of the three friends (all female) fall in love with each other and start dating. I think the real protagonist is the one who is the “straight one” or at least that’s the girl I identified most with. Why? THAT WAS ME!

When I was younger, I had two best friends. They always felt a little closer to each other thanĀ  I felt, but I always feel like an outsider, so I mainly shrugged it off. Until one day – they had a secret to show me and made out on my bed. And then everything changed.

What I really identified with was this girl’s feelings about how to deal with her friends, the obvious exclusion without knowing its anything personal and more importantly – the dissolution of the romantic relationship between the other two girls. Much like my own situation – one girl realized she just committed to her best friend WAY more than she intended (cue the tired joke about what a lesbian brings on a first date? A U-Haul) and that for her, it was more about loving the person and not identifying as gay or really even bi. For the other girl, she realized she really WAS a lesbian and couldn’t understand why the other was pulling away and … god. It felt so familiar and awful and wonderful. I didn’t think I was the only person who ever went through that as the third wheel (and one of only a handful of people who knew the story) but having it written out brought up feelings I forgot I ever had. It was just … it was nice.



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