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Belle du Jour : Diary of an Unlikely Call Girl – Anonymous

I almost stopped reading this book because I was dreading writing this post. I picked up the book because I used to read the serial story on I believe it was Salon.com or Nerve.com – Tracy Quan’s Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl. I haven’t read her novels yet (adding to the list), but I figured this book would be similar. I also know that Showtime is doing a TV show about a call girl, and I thought it was based on Tracy’s book. Apparently, wikipedia says its based on this one. I find that painful to believe.

Where Nancy’s story was witty, insightful and interesting this one is self-important and way, way too graphic. I am no prude, but reading detailed descriptions about fisting and double penetration is just too much for me to read on the subway. I kept looking up to see if anyone could magically tell what I had just been horrified by.

The thing is – a lot of the really graphic stuff was about her personal life. And speaking of her personal life -I know this was anonymous, but she kept referring to people as A-something or in Proper Nouns. A fake name would have worked just as well. So, aside from her sex life, she is also incredibly proud of how well read she is. I guess this is the “unlikely call girl” part? In any case, I didn’t care and was just relieved when it was over.


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Working Stiff – Grant Stoddard

I am so not on the mood to blog about this, but I must uphold my duty.

Virgin Englishman is thrust (ha!) in to the world of sexual adventurer for “science” at http://www.nerve.com


Maybe more later. Probably not.

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Bonk – Mary Roach

Finally, a book I got to say I enjoyed :). I loved “Stiff” by Roach, and I only vaguely remember reading her other book – “Spook,” but if I did – I remember liking that too. In “Bonk” Roach looks at the convergence of science and sex – both how it has been studied and the actual scientific conclusions. As someone whose original intended career path was some sort of Human Sexuality/Anthro hybrid, this was the kind of book that I would have loved to write. It’s non-fiction, but it also can’t help but be a little bit of a travelogue, as she frequently gets involved with the research, or tells stories about her almost ruining an orgasm study because she fell off a chair or a table or something, startling the participant.

Favorite part of the book? The footnotes. Roach gives great footnote.

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