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The Starbucks Experience – Joseph Michelli

5 Principles for Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary

Eh. I think I have had it with these kinds of books. Another book talking about how awesome the customer service at Starbucks is. Tell me something I haven’t heard. This may have been better if it was just a stapled, bullet pointed list of awesome customer service stories. Instead it was dressed up in lots of registered trademark Frappuccinos and written by a guy who appears to be pitching himself as a PR rep. Just kind of nothing new, and not worth it.



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Starbucked – Taylor Clark

I sometimes think that I need a companion blog to this blog for all my random musings on what I read, that isn’t directly tied to the book, but floats around my head anyway. But really, how many vanity blogs does one girl need?

Anyway, shockingly – this book is about Starbucks. I occasionally read about marketing, branding and business in general (although you wouldn’t notice it in the past few months) and somehow, I always end up reading more and more about Starbucks. It makes sense – it’s a giant. The branding is incredible, it changed the way we think of coffee, third spaces, luxury items and even cup sizes (coffee cups, that is.) So, its a little hard for me to judge this book because nothing is really new. I think the author did a good job of telling the story of Starbucks meteoric rise, and what its opponents say about it, but i found that a lot of the book was just ripping on Howard Schultz. Unfortunately for Clark, i don’t think he really did a good job of it.

Clark references Schultz’s book “Pour Your Heart into It” pretty frequently, but his insights just seem to be common sense to me. While I loved “Pour” I was certainly not under any sort of illusion that Howard is entirely a cuddly teddy bear, so Clark’s semi-expose wasn’t exactly earth shattering. Also, in the epilogue or bio, Clark says he won’t drink at Starbucks and it just kind of tainted the whole thing for me. What I did find interesting (and to Clark’s credit) is that a lot of the myths surrounding the “Evil Empire” of Starbucks are debunked,  and in handy little soundbytes, so it makes those hipster fights easier to have.

NB: Starbucks is not in the Word dictionary (or whatever spell check tool that WordPress uses. And as I write this, I become less shocked, because “wordpress” isn’t in there either.

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