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Kidfluence – Anne Sutherland and Beth Thompson

“The Marketer’s Guide to Understanding and Reaching Generation Y – Kids, Teens and Tweens”

I have been trying to read more books about marketing and marketing to teens, and yet – I can’t seem to find any that have anything new. I am just never show who the intended audience of these books are. Kidfluence seems to mainly be about why marketing to kids are important, cradle to grave and the kid market share. Great. Nothing new or groundbreaking here, but … well. Okay, its not new or groundbreaking, so it must be for people just getting into the concept of marketing? But who just getting into the concept of marketing is also responsible for pitching a whole new segment to a company? Is it for people trying to come up with a product or service and figuring out an audience? It didn’t FEEL very entrepreneurial…

The truth is – I have no idea.  It also cracks me up that I feel too advanced for this book, and yet by the author’s own definition? I am Generation Y. How meta.


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