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One Perfect Day: The Selling of the American Wedding – Rebecca Mead

I was so excited to read this book. I have always loved weddings – the pomp, the absurdity, the only acceptable (and not really even all that acceptable) use of tulle. I worked at a bridal salon as a teenager and I thought that got it out of my system – it didn’t. Lately, I have been thinking about weddings a lot – not only are my friends starting to get married, but I probably won’t live in sin with Frank forever. I always really wanted a wedding – and the more and more it seems to be an eventual reality the more and more conflicts I have about it. Of course, there is family drama (and really, with me – when isn’t there?) but what are weddings really about. How can I reconcile my desire for a poufy dress and a ring and having a first dance with my feminism and the reality that I have been living with this guy for years and don’t actually need to register for an egg timer or a KitchenAid. What does the fact that I really WANT to mean about me?

Anyway, this isn’t supposed to be an emo blog post. Rebecca Mead writes this awesome book – she mainly focuses on the wedding industry as a whole and some of the same issues and emotions I have been feeling lately. She also talks about being married in the “Bridezilla Age” and how this entitlement to being a bitch is somehow considered de rigeur. This book didn’t really resolve anything for me (but it did make me feel like my anxiety and neuroses are not mine alone) and I didn’t really learn anything new, but I did enjoy it. More than I should. Or that I think I should. Or that they want me to think I should. You see my dilemma here?

Also, for a fun time – check out this site that documents all the horrors of weddings – from every angle.  I have spent far, far too many hours of my life here.


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