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Matzo Ball Heiress – Laurie Gwen Shapiro

This has everything a girl could want. I have this embarrassing habit of not necessarily loving chick-lit for the romance, but for the somewhat one-dimensional and over the top characters. This book had all that PLUS Yiddish. It’s a goofy throwaway book, but it combined Yiddish, Jewish love triangles and the inner workings of a matzo factory. Really? It’s like they wrote it for me.

And it’s a little sad how its always these really inane books that are the ones that make me think, or the ones I relate well to. I have been an atheist since, well – probably before I remember, but definitely since before my bat mitzvah. I am perfectly cool with my belief system, but I have always been proud of my Jewish heritage and related well to my cultural roots. That just seems to be getting highlighted more and more in my life lately. I don’t know if its a result of my being older and looking for some sort of a “nest” or if its because now my (predominantly Jewish) friends are all now adults and we can have conversations seriously…? A few of them have called me the best Jew they know, which is ironic – because they have all, on some occasion, given me shit for not believing in God.
(This rant brought to you by the plot point of – the main character in the book is part of the Greenblotz family [ripped off the real-life Streits] whose family and self is even “less Jewish” than I am – and yet, her family are big macha matzo makers.)

Anyway, I liked it.


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